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Welcome to the mountains of West Texas!

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We recently moved from central Texas to the Davis Mountains in far West Texas. The beauty and serenity of our surroundings is absolutely breathtaking! The people are remarkable in their kindness and big hearts. And the stars, why they are just as big & bright as you have heard - all set against the darkest skies in America. Guess that's why UT Austin put the McDonald Observatory out here.

We are finding that a couple of our standard business practices will necessarily change as dictated by our remote location. An example of one of the changes we must implement is that we can no longer offer Next Day or 2nd Day delivery. Even if we package and ship as such, there is absolutely no guarantee that it will actually arrive in those times. Unfortunately, we are left with Ground and (best case) 3-Day.

Our choice to relocate has resulted in a necessary paring down of our inventory variety and quantities as we work on building a new shop and getting settled. There are some lines that we will no longer make like our shooting sticks and clothing line.

As good news, next year we will be adding new product lines that are sure to please.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these exciting times!!