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Elephant Hair Baby Lightweight 2Tone Bracelet Elephant Hair Baby Lightweight 2Tone Bracelet

African Elephant Hair

Elephant Hair Baby Lightweight 2Tone Bracelet

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The legend of the African Elephant Hair Bracelet dates back to over 1200 years. It was believed that wearing the bracelet would protect against harm, sickness, and misfortune. The four knots symbolize the powerful forces in life: the sun, wind, fire, and water. The strands, which circle through the knots, depict the seasons of the year. Movement of the knots along the wire blends the forces of nature with life's continuous evolution and brings strength to the wearer. Wear this bracelet and have good fortune and many years of love, prosperity and happiness.

Detail Description

Now your baby bwana can have the same powerful forces with them that you receive from your bracelet.  Buy it at birth and simply adjust the knots to grow with your precious child.  This is one gift that will last for years.



Tips for choosing the correct bracelet for you

One way to help you decide which bracelet will be most comfortable for you is to look at your normal taste in jewelry. If most of your jewelry is dainty, then you will probably be more comfortable in the lightweight jewelry. However, if you find that you are drawn to making a bold statement with your jewelry, then the Classic style would suit you better. Most men are comfortable with the Classic style.

• Choice 1 - Style:
   o Classic bracelets are made of a heavier gauge wire than the lightweight and are approximately
    1/8" wide
   o The Lightweight bracelets are made out of thinner gauge strands which are about 1/16" wide

• Choice 2 - Wrist size
   o Your next choice will be the wrist size you would like to wear: small, medium, or large. If you prefer
   bangle style bracelets, then you will want to choose a medium or large wrist size. (Men wear medium
   or large wrist sizes) Conversely, if you prefer a daintier look, choose the wrist size closest to your
   actual measurement

• Choice 3 - Number of strands
   o When a bracelet is described as having 5 strands, it means that is the number of wires used to
   make the bracelet. The number of strands, as well as the size of the wire, will determine the size and
   strength of the bracelet. For example, a 2 or 3-strand Lightweight bracelet is not going to stand
   up to everyday wear and you would probably only wear it on special occasions. However, a 5-strand
   Classic style is very sturdy and can be worn every day


Bracelet Size Chart




Baby – fits age 2-10















Practical Application

These bracelets are for both men and women. They can be worn anytime, from a night out on the town to sitting at camp awaiting the thrill of the sunset. You are sure to make a statement without saying a word.

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Care Instructions

African Elephant Hair Bracelets and Accessories are made to last a lifetime. The classic bracelet is made to handle everyday wear and tear. After a while, the bracelet will begin to show signs of this. Most people do not polish them back to a high shine but keep the wear and tear look as a symbol of where they have been and what they have done.

How to Open and Close Bracelet

The bracelet opens and closes by sliding the knots apart and together. Be gentle to avoid bending the bracelet.

About Safari Jewelry

This line of jewelry is made of precious metals to resemble the original bracelets woven of elephant hair. The perfect everyday wearable bracelet fashioned after African Elephant Hair jewelry. This strong, yet elegant bracelet encompasses strands of high quality Sterling Silver which weave through the 14KT gold fill knots representing the different seasons. All jewelry is Handmade with pride in the USA.

African Elephant Hair Bracelets and Accessories are made to last a lifetime. Each piece is fabricated of Sterling Silver or 14K gold, is hypoallergenic and will not react with people sensitive to metal alloys. Due to being able to adjust the bracelet, the comfort of the jewelry will be enhanced with wear. Manipulate your bracelet to conform to your wrist.

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