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General Thoughts on Packing . . .

Preparing for safari requires forethought and planning. Africa is a large continent and conditions can vary greatly depending on your location, in-tended activities, and time of year you travel. Proper planning and preparation is the key to making your trip comfortable, enjoyable and help eliminate common safari traveler pitfalls. You will want to pack everything you need and not plan on buying it there.

To that end, we offer you planning tools, recommendations, and safari-proven, quality products to simplify your trip preparation.

It's important you know your luggage restrictions for each leg of your journey. This is especially true if you will be flying in a small plane for part of your trip where the total baggage weight limits average 33lbs with strict dimension limits. We recommend that you do a "test pack" a week or two prior to departure. Pack your gear, weigh, and measure your luggage so you will have ample time to make adjustments. The night before your flight is not the time to discover you have grossly over-packed. Safari is an informal vacation which works to your advantage when thinking about what you need to take.

When determining your clothing requirements consider your intended activity. Your booking agent, Professional Hunter or outfitter will give you specific recommendations. Traditional safari clothing, as offered by Long Grass, is perfectly acceptable while dining, touring, or hunting. And, for the ladies, adding a pretty scarf will dress up any outfit without taking up precious luggage room!

We are always happy to hear from you. We welcome both your questions before you go and the stories of your adventures when you return.

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