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Trip Planning & Packing List

Packing List-Women

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Clothing List
Gear & Accessories List
Medical & Personal List
Paperwork List

As you are packing, we recommend you pick up a copy of The Empty Carousel to read.
It will give you sound advice for traveling with bags.


** Again this list is just a recommendation and it is always best to check with your guide**

• 3 long sleeve cotton shirts - Women's Shirts
• 2 short sleeve cotton shirts (optional) - Women's Shirts 
• 3 cotton T shirts for layering - Women's Tshirts
• 3 pair of cotton pants - Women's Pants
• Shorts (optional) - Women's Shorts 
• Packable broad brimmed hat - Headwear  - even if you are not able to style your hair,
   you can still look great in your pictures
• Always take a cap - Headwear 
• Cotton underpants - Women's Underwear - always cotton so hot ironing will kill
   potential parasites
• Pair boots - comfortable and broken in with soft sole
• Extra pair of boot laces
• Pair tennis shoes - in a neutral color for travel and camp
• 4 pair quality socks - Footwear 
• Ankle gaiters - Gaiters - to keep out bugs / thorns
• 1 cotton sweat suit - for comfort in camp or extra warmth
• Neck gaiter or bandana - Neck Gaiter 
• Pair thin leather gloves - for warmth and protection from thorns, if hunting, you may
   want to cut the trigger finger off your glove
• Lightweight but warm jacket - Women's Jackets
• A scarf - this can dress up your safari wear for a trip to town
• Pajamas

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• Binoculars: take quality binoculars that are small enough so that you will always have them with you
   (example 8x30 Zeiss)
• 2 cameras: take one and a back-up, as well as extra film or extra digital memory cards
• Battery charger
  - for your camcorder/camera
  - cell phone
• Backup battery for your camcorder/camera - in case the first fails
• Compass and maps or GPS - It is always good to know where you are.
• Cell phone and instructions for use in the country you will be visiting 
   - you should call your carrier prior to leaving on your trip for detailed instructions and
      to make sure they enable your phone for international service)
• Pocket knife or Leatherman type tool - due to airline restrictions make sure you do not
   carry these items on board
• Lens cleaning pen (like the one from Leupold) or cleaning kit for scopes, binoculars and camera
• Flashlight- small but powerful (see the Surefire and Streamlight products)
• Duct tape, safety pins, matches etc.

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Balance the amount of medical gear you take to the remoteness of your location. Anything you leave behind after your trip will be appreciated.

• Prescription medicines - pack in two places (in their original packages with the pharmacy
   label showing your name and the prescribing Dr)
• Anti-malaria medication - your travel Doctor will prescribe this for you
• Long Grass World Travel Med Kit (link to medical page) or an equivalent all inclusive kit 
   - Scissors, bandage
   - Splinter picker / tick remover forceps
   - Thermometer, single use
   - Acetaminophen
   - Antacid
   - Antihistamine
   - Ceralyte rehydration mix
   - Cold medicine
   - Diamode
   - Diotame
   - Ibuprofen
   - Safety pins
   - Accident report form
   - pencil
• Water purification filter or tablets- if you are not sure about the water
Deet too keep as many bugs off as possible
• Sunscreen
   - we recommend you take smaller tubes or bottles of sunscreen rather than one
      large one so you can pop it in your daypack without too much weight or bulk
• Chapstick
• Eye drops
• Anti-diarrhea pills
Dental Repair Kit
• Travel Kleenex
• Individual Wet wipes
• Personal Products

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• itinerary
• passport
• airline tickets
• shot records
• insurance information for trip
• insurance information for MedJet Assist
• driver's license
• credit card
• contract
• Customs form 4457 for firearms
• cash and travelers checks with receipts
• taxidermy information
• pictures of luggage and rifles, inventory of luggage contents
• maps of country visited and your hunting area
• extra copies of all your paperwork packed in a separate luggage
• extra copy of all paperwork left at home with a family member or attorney

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