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Trip Planning & Packing List

Planning Timeline

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12 – 18 months

        - Contact your Booking Agent or Outfitter       
- Decide on your destination

- What time of year do you want to go?
- What budget are you working with?
- What type of traveler are you:  Luxury, Moderate, Rustic
- Who will be in your party:  will you be with a small group or independent
- Establish travel insurance carrier
- Check personal documents (Make sure passport and visas are current)
- Contact Travel Doctor and establish immunization schedule
- Begin your Journal - you will not want to forget all the details of your trip that happened     before you left!

- Get active – you will enjoy your adventure more the more fit you are


9 - 12 months

         Work with Booking Agent for airline tickets
- Decide on and book any tourist travel, excursions, and car rentals
- Apply for visas if they will be needed

- Check kennel information if you have animals

- Stay on track with your vaccinations – are they current and what you need for the area you’ll be   travelling to?
- Get organized:  Set aside a drawer or basket to store items as you accrue them for this trip – this way you’ll know where everything is when it is time to pack
- Put a file folder in your “trip basket” to hold the paperwork for your safari


6 - 9 months


            - Check with your Booking Agent on travel insurance

            - Check cameras to be sure they are working

        - Read the Empty Carousel for advice on travelling

            - Check luggage (zippers / locks, etc.)

            - Check with carriers to learn the proper routine for following-up on lost luggage

            - Continue your fitness plan


4 -6 months


            - Check with your financial institution and make sure your bank card will work abroad
- Complete and return any travel paperwork that is still outstanding (permits, shipment details, etc.)
- Be sure to get written confirmation from your Booking Agent or Outfitter

- If you need new shoes, buy them now and begin breaking them in
- Find out how many miles you will be walking every day on average and what the terrain is like - then prepare yourself physically for this mileage wearing the shoes and socks you intend to wear on your trip.
- If hunting:  practice shooting


2-4 months


            - Arrange for someone to watch your home / care for your pets / plants
- Create or revise your will
- Apply for Proof of Ownership for each weapon you intend to take with you
- Consider taking probiotics for stomach health while travelling


1 month


             - Register your trip with the State Department
- Order foreign currencies, traveler's checks
- Pay any bills that will come due while you are gone
- Make copies of all of your documents; itineraries, packing lists, confirmations
- Set up general e-mail account (yahoo, hotmail, gmail)
- E-mail copies of travel documents to your general e-mail so that you can access this account while abroad
- Get trophy tags from the taxidermist you plan to use clearly labeled with all delivery information


2 weeks


            - Take photos of your luggage
- Provide a family member or friend with contact information and copies of your documents
- Call your credit card companies and alert them you are traveling abroad

- Refill any prescriptions that are running low


1 week


            - Suspend mail delivery with the Postal Service
- Confirm plane reservations
- Clean the house, toilets and other places mildew might grow - you will feel better coming home to a clean house!


1-3 days


           - Take pets to kennel

           - Change voicemail at work

           - Activate “Out of Office” message on work e-mail

           - Charge Cell phone, cameras, etc.

           - Clean out your refrigerator of any items that will spoil while you are away

           - Water your plants

           - Set home lights on a timer

           - Take out your trash

           - Unplug appliances

           - Lock all doors and windows

           - Charge batteries for electronic devices you will be taking with you


Last minute


             - Turn off water

             - Take a last tour of the house

             - Add final toiletries to bag

             - Pack chargers
 - Pack your trip journal